2018 Courses

Activating Cultural Emergence online – enrollments open now

Cultural Emergence Design Web Course with Looby and Helena von Bothmer at Kosters Trädgårdar, Sweden 29th May – 2nd June.

Permaculture Design course with Looby, Chris Evans and Tomas Remairz 5th-19th July at Applewood Permaculture Centre, Herefordshire UK

Cultural Emergence Summer Intensive with Looby, Starhawk, Jon Young and Maddy Harland 26th July – 5th August 2018 (this combines the 2 modules Cultural Emergence Design Web Course and Nurture in Cultural Emergence).

Cultural Emergence Design Web Course with Looby and Delvin Solkinson in Elphinstone Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada. 28th Sept – 2nd October.

Women’s Online Permaculture Design Course – modules run by over 40 women permaculture teachers globally. (I am doing a module on patterns, Cultural Emergence and biomimicry with Maddy Harland, if you sign up with this link then I will be your design review tutor).

And at Applewood there will be more Forest Gardening, Observation and Mapping, Grafting courses. See our facebook page or website to stay up to date with events, stories and photos.

I will also be running more online Cultural Emergence courses in 2018 – please contact Emma (email below) if you would like to be informed about then when they are ready.

If you would like to know more about  any of the above then, please click on the links for more details and contact Emma for enquiries                        Applewoodcourses(at)yahoo(dot)com

About Looby as a facilitator

I am a resourceful facilitator who awakens each person’s talents and curiousity through play. I create deep transformative experiences through building community, creating a safe container and stretching edges. I facilitate with creativity and fun, creating a magical field of possibilities for the group within which each person can shine and connect with their deepest, authentic self and a wider vision for humanity.

I have been teaching permaculture since 2002, and is partner of a leading teaching and consultancy partnership, Designed Visions. I run teacher training, advanced and people care courses as well as full permaculture design courses. I also run shorter workshops on creating productive, synergetic groups; designing for ourselves; and The Work That Reconnects. Since 2016 I have been collaborating with Jon Young on the Cultural Emergence project. Our vision is to stimulate global cultural transformation towards a culture of connection, care and possibility.

The vision for each course is to inspire transformation using the creativity of permaculture principles and design in all aspects of our lives to build a life sustaining culture.

Each course will vary as to which aspects of life we focus on, for example the people and permaculture courses focus on our own health and well-being, right livelihoods and our communities. A full design course will give us tools to use in our gardens and small holdings as well as how we can use them in changing our thinking. And in our teacher training courses we explore the use of them in designing courses and empowering learners. Cultural Emergence Design courses take our thinking into how we can emerge cultures of care and connection. Cultural Emergence has become my main focus for the forthcoming years.

Looby Macnamara is blazing a trail across the new edge of permaculture design. Combining teaching methods from many traditions, Looby is building a bridge to guide people into the next level of their lives and livelihoods. Her books have uplifted thousands and her in person classes take these teachings to a whole new level of understanding and application” Delvin – Faciltitator Training

The Cultural Emergence Project

Since 2016 I have been collaborating with Jon Young (founder of 8 Shields) with the Cultural Emergence Project. The project started with asking the question – How do we make the cultural shifts necessary to bring us into a more caring, connected society?

This has led us to our vision for global cultural transformation towards a peaceful, connective society and a positive regenerative future.

Our mission is to develop a profoundly effective toolkit that can challenge and awaken, move and invigorate, nourish and empower.

We are collaborating with other visionaries and leaders including Starhawk, Maddy Harland and Delvin Solkinson to create the most effective toolkit. I am currently researching and developing for my forthcoming book Activating Cultural Emergence.

Cultural Emergence Pathways

There are many ways in which to become familiar with the toolkit. The modules can be taken in any order, and reinforce each other and deepen understanding of different aspects of the toolkit.

The Activating Cultural Emergence courses provide a solid foundation in Cultural Emergence and engage us with the process. (they are usually over a weekend or equivalent). In particular it engages us with the practices for the Challenge and awaken phase.

The Cultural Emergence Design courses are longer courses where we use the Design Web (that I created in People and Permaculture) to create a personal design for ourselves as well as looking at the bigger picture of shifting cultures. (these are over 6 days or equivalent). These courses pay most attention to the move and invigorate phase and give us forward momentum towards our goals and visions.

The Nurture in Cultural Emergence courses focus on the Nourish and Empower stage where we deepen our connections to ourselves, each other and the world around us.

The Cultural Emergence summer intensive combines the modules of the Cultural Emergence Design course, and the Nurture in Cultural Emergence.

Cultural Emergence Leadership Trainings (affectionately known as CELT) are for people who have become proficient with the toolkit and who wish to further develop their leadership skills in a supportive community, to offer them to the world. People who have taken all 3 modules can then apply to do the Cultural Emergence Leadership Training which will be held in 2019 (full details to be confirmed).


Permaculture Empowerment Education from Gaiacraft on Vimeo.

“Looby is a cutting edge author and facilitator who can catalyze growth and transformation in people with masterful course design and interaction. Her creativity and experience make for inspiring event” Ruth – People Permaculture Facilitator’s Training

Four months later, I am still amazed by how all that I learned at the course, the tools and the inspirations, are still permeating into my life, drop by drop, helping me create the ‘ideal me’, my ‘ideal’ relationship and strengthening my trust that, if we use the tools we have at hand, we can create a better, sustainable and loving life on Earth. I keep applying Looby´s design web to so many facets of my life, personal and professionally and I am still fascinated by the effects it has” Marta – People and permaculture design course participant

I am available for

  • Permaculture courses
  • Cultural Emergence courses
  • Bespoke workshops
  • Talks
  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Diploma tutoring
  • Articles
  • Coaching


Applewood Permaculture Pioneers from Gaiacraft on Vimeo.

We use permaculture design to design our courses to get the most of them. They are fun, creative, transformative and empowering experiences. I have a passion for creative teaching methods and like inventing participatory activities and games to enhance learning. My degree in Human Sciences provides a wealth of perspectives to bring into my teaching and writing.
Each of the courses looks to fulfill these needs –

  • Connecting with nature
  • Learning
  • Design practice and skills
  • Self care skills and tools
  • Social and group skills and tools
  • Observation, reflection and appreciation methods
  • Creativity and fun
  • Community building
  • Group care and kindness
  • Connecting with people’s lives
  • Building confidence