Welcome to my website – here you will find information about my current projects and reflective writings.

I am a permaculture teacher, designer and writer. Permaculture came into my life in 1999 and awakened in me a creative life force. I have found it to be full of inspiration, magic and common sense. Permaculture has allowed me to meander on my own path supported by like-minded people, a sense of purpose and a belief that together we are bringing about positive change in the world.

One of the beauties of permaculture is that we can all use it in unique ways to enhance what we are doing already and to take us in new directions. To guide people in doing this I have written a book “People & Permaculture” which is the first permaculture book to look at how we can use the principles and design of permaculture in all aspects of life. The book emphasises how focusing on caring and designing for people can lead to greater and more effective planet care and repair.

In 2014 I published my second book 7 Ways to Think Differently. A concise and potent guide to shifting our personal and cultural thinking patterns towards more healthy regenerative ones.

Bookings now open for my first online course Designing and Manifesting Our Ideal Scenes  starting 24th April 2017 in collaboration with Jon Young and the 8 Shields Institute. See here for more details of the course

I live in Herefordshire with my partner and two daughters. We have a stunning 20 acre smallholding – Applewood permaculture centre which is an education and demonstration centre. Most of my courses are run here.

Since 2004 I have travelled to Nepal with my partner Chris Evans to support the Himalayan Permaculture Centre. I have founded a fair trade business, Spirals of Abundance, importing organic cotton clothes and other Nepalese handicrafts.  All of the products have been sourced directly by me and are often made specifically for Spirals of abundance with my design input. Spending time in the mountains is very nourishing and I enjoy being able to contribute through our business. We have donated money to weaving programmes and to demonstration farms in Kathmandu and Surket. In 2015 we also donated money to have a 1000 copies of a handbook called Herbs for Women’s Health and donated money to Gandaki and Sunrise Farm to support earthquake rebuilding efforts.

My path over the last fourteen years has been life changing and has affirmed the belief that we can all take positive action to benefit ourselves, our communities and our planet.