Creatively use and respond to change

So I missed Thursday for my weekly blog post. What happened? I’m not sure to be honest, maybe I was creatively using and responding to changed too much. It’s so easy when lacking inspiration to find excuses, to think “the energy isn’t there right now – I’ll come back another time.” And this morning the sun came out for the first time in days and it seemed vital to respond to that change and go on a long walk, instead of the plan of sitting in front of the computer writing. It’s easy for me to think that no one would notice if I missed a week of my blog – but I would notice, and it would make it harder for me to get back into the pattern of weekly writing. Even been one day late has made it more challenging.  This principle invites us to be responsive, to flow where the energy is and to adapt to our circumstances. However, we can take this to extremes, and find ourselves, as I did this week, shifting priorities, finding excuses and moving things to the bottom of our list. We have to check with ourselves whether we are following the energy, or following a distraction.

This time of year is an edge between the seasons. Change is in the air, in the soil, in our own energy levels. At this time of year I think of whether I have hibernated enough, or hibernated too much. We have expectations of what is to come in the coming seasons.  And of course, what actually happens is out of our sight at the moment. With changes happening in economic, social and eco –systems all around us at an ever-increasing rate, we will need to get proficient at adaptation and flexibility.

Life happens, plans alter, we wake up and the weather isn’t as we’d hoped; there is usually hundreds of opportunities to practice this principle every day.

On to Integrate rather than segregate next week.

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