A deep sigh, and a commitment on Brexit day

My last post a few days ago was about why I wanted to stay in the EU. Now just a few days later and I have to shift my thinking, firstly traveling through feelings of shock, disappointment, disbelief. There seems to have been such an outpouring of similar emotions and collective grief all over my facebook feed today. I can’t help but wondering why we were not so vocal before the referendum. It seems we were hardly given the time to do our research and give proper thought and input into the dilemma before being asked to take sides.

After a day of hearing responses I have ventured into town and it is strangely all normal as if nothing has happened. It is like I am carrying a silent, invisible ache within me.

While driving I have been thinking of the analogy of a chess game, when suddenly the pawn gets to the other end and becomes a queen, suddenly the treat is much larger. But there are still many pawns on this side and together pawns can check-mate.

While driving I have been singing a song that my choir Vision Singers have been singing recently “my heart is ready, what am I going to do (my hands, my voice, my soul). And really feeling into ‘what am I going to do?’ What is the call to action that this vote has brought us to. What can I do? what can we do? What is the next achievable step we can make? What is my commitment to be the change?

My commitment is to pay more attention to politics so that I can enter debates and influence people from a more informed place.

The other step that I am happy to be doing anyway and will call in all the more, is to find, train and inspire collaborators. Together we can increase our collective circle of influence. At the beginning of the year, I did this mandala as part of my pathway design as the attributes that I wanted to bring forth. It feels more relevant than ever today.

My pathway design mandala

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