Cultural Emergence opportunities post Brexit

When I was writing People and Permaculture I had a mindmap, which had ‘any topic’ in the middle and all the tools of permaculture thinking branching off. When starting to write about a subject I would write it in the middle and see what connected with the permaculture thinking. I have now added other tools to add to my mindmap, including the 7 Ways to think differently. My most recent addition to my toolbox is the concept and practice of Cultural Emergence. Cultural Emergence is a new term coined by myself and Jon Young. There are core routines and principles that can support Cultural Emergence.

A few months ago I wrote ‘ Humanity is presently at a time of mass cultural emergency; we see the personal, social, political and environmental problems as stemming from a lack of cultural understanding and cohesion. We believe we have tools that can help turn this around into mass cultural emergence; where abundance, gratitude, care and connection are part of our everyday culture.’ I was talking generally about the multiple cultural emergencies around us, but now we seem to have been launched into another cultural emergency with Brexit. I have been asked what permaculture thinking has to offer us in this time, so I am now putting this in the centre of my mindmap and seeing what arises. This will be the first of a series of posts about Cultural Emergence.

Cultural Emergence is an opportunity to be proactive, thoughtful, inspired and empowered to co-create the culture that we want, through the power of minds coming together with purpose for the common good. KymChi&courseculture

What has become apparent through the last weeks is that the existing paradigm, that global politics and decision making is currently behaving under, is flawed, untrustworthy and ultimately not serving most people. The paradigm through which the referendum was conducted was a win-lose/ only one winner/ limited options paradigm. And the result has added lots of momentum to the spiral of erosion, where mistrust and instability increase and there is a rise of ‘isms’. Another culture might have descended into civil war before now, which of course is the rock bottom of this spiral of erosion that is being played out in so many places over the world and throughout history. Now, each and every one of us that voted, whichever way they voted, (and all those that didn’t vote) has a responsibility to try and intervene in this spiral of erosion. We all can find ways to make our voices heard and share and create the culture we wish to emerge. We are currently at a point of fluidity where conditions are ripe for cultural emergence. Patterns have been disrupted and like that moment when soil has been freshly cultivated, the time is ripe to sow new seeds for the culture of the communities we inhabit. We have the opportunity to write the story of this historic time.

While many of us are experiencing Brexit fatigue in the media and social media, let us not lose this moment. Let us continue to share the positives, feed what we want to grow is the principle that will support us during this time. The event ‘the celebration of Aberystwyth‘s international community’ is an act of cultural emergence, that reaches out and connects people. Connection is one of the core routines of cultural emergence, and now is a beautiful time to reach out and connect with those around you. Connect with the sky and the trees above you, connect with the grass and soil under your feet, connect with your own breathing and sense of hope and responsibility. Connect in any way you can.

I will share more ideas from my ‘any topic’ mindmap after I have finished moving house, in the meantime you might like to try this creating a mindmap like this for yourself using permaculture tools or any other useful tools and ways of thinking you know and see what ideas emerge.

Jon Young and I will be sharing stories and Celebrating Cultural Emergence on July 7th. Please sign up via facebook page or direct to listen to this freecall or get the recording. This is the launch of our Cultural Emergence Leadership Training and Foundation Courses.

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