Day 3 patterns

Today we were exploring our patterns. We started the day with a subtle change of patterns with being in silence. The first way of becoming being able to influence our inner ecology is to observe ourselves. We can do this through journalling, biotime diaries, and simply taking time to do this. We can also ask others for their observations of us.

We talked about how patterns can get created in our lives almost by accident. Peter shared with us how he saw ruts in the roads of Pompeii which were created by Roman chariots. Initially in our lives it is like having a blank slate and we could go anywhere, but then the next time we encounter the same circumstances we are more likely to go in the same place, like sitting in the same seat. And with each time the rut slowly gets deeper and deeper, making it more likely that we go down the same route.

We also looked at regenerative and degenerative patterns in our lives. Regenerative patterns in our lives are ones that make us more productive, abundant and healthy. They often have their own internal energy and create more momentum. For example when we exercise we have more energy, more self esteem and are more in balance with our eating habits, we also have more incentive to exercise more. Some regenerative patterns might be around our thinking, contact with friends and appreciation. The interesting thing is that often we don’t notice our own regenerative patterns. We take them for granted when they become part of our everyday being, and we can find it easier to identify the degenerative patterns in our lives. Like our skills it is the things we find easy that we can forget to value and appreciate in ourselves.

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