Here we are towards the end of March and we have had 3 days of snow. My being is slightly confused by this turn of events to be honest. I was in expectant of Spring approaching and some warm sunshine to rejuvenate me after the winter, and instead I am plunged into more cold. The thing with edges – edges of time, space, ecosystems, relationships and anything else – is that they are place of exchange and can experience aspects from either side. On the one hand I am feeling like curling up with my cats in front of the fire, and on the other hand I can feel spring energy rising somewhere in me and the urge to spring clean is apparent. I can benefit from both of these feelings and flow with what is present in the moment regardless of the weather outside.

Each time that we approach an edge in our lives we experience different emotions, for some of us it might be impatience and eagerness to move through the edge. Other people might be reluctant to shift from their old place. We start building up patterns of our emotions that we return to almost subconsciously when we reach another edge. I am just about to move house and I am reminded of previous edges in my life, times when I want to move on quickly, when I almost have to get really fed up with the old place to gain the momentum to move on.

One of the principles of permaculture is to use the edges for they can be creative, valuable spaces. Now I am thinking about the edge between the seasons we are in and how that can be a productive space benefiting from both the rising of energies and the stillness of winter, and how I can translate that into other edges in my life.  I am finding myself enjoying the edge between houses; the new possibilities and the familiarities combining together to make an interesting and dynamic place.

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