Exploratory phase

I particularly like entering into the exploratory phase of the design web. The patterns, ideas and principles can all generate new insights. Sometimes we enter into a design process and it can almost be like we are going through the motions because we think we know the answers already. When we enter into the exploratory phase with an open mind we can find surprises, make new connections and emerge with something fresh and exciting. We can ride a wave of passion and creativity that takes us beyond the answers we thought we knew. A place where the design can be elegantly complex with layers of meaning and interconnections, and elegantly simple with clarity and effortlessness.

Further up the spiral stream

Fresh ideas and eyes wide open

From the outskirts of our dreams

Exploring them has made us hopin’

From the heart unto the edge

Curiousity’s our wedge

Untold stories now unfold

And hidden doors will open

(Poem by Diego Van de Keere)


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