Gratitude to authors on World Book Day

At the beginning of a meeting I was asked what I am grateful for today. This morning I went to my daughter’s school for a world book day breakfast and assembly. During the assembly parents were invited to share a book that is special to them. People spoke of happy memories of reading books with friendsLooby&7waysto think in rainy caravans on holidays, and dreams and ambitions that were birthed while reading. I was really reminded of what a gift each writer has given to the world. One of the teachers shared with the children how we can be a great reader but not necessarily a great writer, but that you can’t be a great writer unless you are a great reader. And to be a great reader we rely on all those who have devoted their time and energy to bringing their ideas to life on the page.

Today when asked about what I am grateful for I gave thanks to all those writers, and I also was grateful to myself for making the commitment to writing the first ever book on the peoplecare ethic in permaculture, and to following that through to completion. When I started I was uncertain with the process and exactly what I would write. I needed to overcome self limiting beliefs – such as I need to be a perfect person to write about peoplecare – I transformed this into I will learn more about peoplecare in the process of writing. Oriah Mountain Dreamer shares “writing is my way of searching, of opening to possible wisdom.” While writing People and Permaculture I felt held by the wisdom of nature that is contained within permaculture principles and design. I used all of these tools to create the book itself, and I loved the process of discovery through writing.

It was nearly 4 years ago since I first saw People and Permaculture in print. I remember the moment well – a whole pallet of books arriving on my doorstep. And now it is wonderful to think that they have travelled around the world giving inspiration and guidance to people.

My second writing project with 7 ways to think differently has been equally influential in my own life. Whenever I encounter a problem or am feeling stuck or overwhelmed I think back to the 7 ways and use them to support me to shift my perspective.

I am also incredibly grateful to all the people that help make a book project happen. For me it was such a gift to have Tim and Maddy Harland from Permanent Publications express their confidence in me and agreeing to publish it when I had only just started. Then there were the 50 people that gave their time and shared their experience and insights about peoplecare in interviews with me. There were countless other people that supported my in various ways over the 2 year writing project.

And of course where would any book be with its readers. Thank you to everyone that writes and reads books.

And today on World Book Day I am launching my new author page on facebook – please like it and share with your friends. You can also add comments to my post and share your gratitude for books and authors here.

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