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P&P & 7 WaysOn a recent course I asked people to write reviews of my books. I bemoaned the fact that although I receive a lot of lovely feedback from my readers via email and facebook messages these comments are not shared with others as reviews, despite me asking. An idea came to run a review competition. This idea didn’t sit comfortably with me – I didn’t want to feel as if I was coercing people to say nicer things then they actually felt, and I didn’t want to just get one ‘winner’. But it was a seed of an idea and overnight the answer came – how could we turn this into something we co-operate on? And the review colloboration project was born.

The aim of writing reviews is to let other readers know if the books will meet their needs, both in terms of content and writing style. Writing reviews helps the author and publisher – a way of paying back and thanking them for their efforts. Reviews also help future readers – it is a way of paying it forward, helping someone else find the resources they need and opening up a pathway for them, just as someone did for you at some point in the past, either through a book, conversation, film etc. As well as paying it forward to people by recommending my books, (People and Permaculture and 7 Ways to Think Differently) I am also going to give copies away. . With every 25 reviews a book will be given out and this copy will be passed around so many can benefit from it’s wisdom. There are already copies waiting to be released across Europe with the participants of the 7 ways to think differently course last week.Review collaboration project

Reviews don’t need to be long – a single sentence can be enough and often these are the reviews people find helpful, just enough to whet their appetite. And reviews can be reused in several places. There are several thousands of copies of my books in circulation and they have reached to each continent and many different countries. If just a small proportion of these readers write reviews we can send out many more copies into the world, contributing to the wisdom, tools and courage needed to enhance our own lives and the world around us.

Places to post reviews

For People and Permaculture –  Green Shopping Catalogue,   Amazon, Good reads,

For 7 Ways to Think Differently – Green Shopping Catalogue, Amazon, Good reads

You can also ‘like’ the 7 Ways to Think Differently facebook page

The best places to buy your own copies (i.e. best for the author and publisher) are from myself directly here or from the publisher.

In gratitude, Looby

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