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Looby has published 4 books; Cultural Emergence, People and Permaculture, 7 Ways to Think Differently and Strands of Infinity see below for more details and reviews Signed copies available for purchase below. Buying direct from the author is much appreciated.

CEED – Cultural Emergence Empowerment & Design deck

Looby’s latest offering to the world is the CEED deck – a beautifully illustrated set of 96 cards with all of the Cultural Emergence tools. Find out more and get a copy here

Cultural Emergence

“Cultural Emergence should be on the must-read list for all change makers”

Sal Gencarelle, Helpers Mentoring Society

Cultural Emergence is an invitation to create cultures of personal leadership, collective wisdom and Earth care. Emergence initiates breakthroughs that expand our thinking and enable us to build personal and collective resilience, and embody new ways of being and interacting. 

It nourishes and empowers us to design the world we want to live in.

Drawing upon the lineages of indigenous wisdom, permaculture design and systems thinking, Cultural Emergence is a profoundly effective toolkit for creating a new understanding of culture. (Over 300 pages filled with stories, illustrations and activities).

Cultural Emergence is visionary, practical, wise and simple to use. It is a message of hope with tools for empowerment. Filled with stories of people around the world who have benefited using this approach, it inspires us with possibilities. It is a timely, much-needed book that has the potential to be useful to everyone and enable deep and radical transformation.

“I’ve had the wonderful privilege of teaching together with Looby a number of times, and to experience her warmth and caring, and to appreciate her keen mind. All that shines through in this book!”

Starhawk, author of the Empowerment Manual and the Earth Path

It shows us how to:

• Expand our thinking and possibilities

• Better understand where problems come from and, by using radical reflection on the root causes, create successful healing strategies

• Embody the learning and effectively embed the changes in our lives into new ways of interacting and being

• Build our individual and collective resilience in turbulent times and support ourselves to proactively adjust to transitions – whether they are personal life changes or collective challenges such as climate change

• Use the tools to create the conditions for emergence, informing the creation of cultures of care, connection, peace, health, effectiveness and trust.

Cultural Emergence activates healing and revolutionises our approach to creating life-sustaining and regenerative cultures.

Order signed copies of Cultural Emergence now (RRP £22 – special offer of £18) (see below for the special offer to buy all 4 of my books together). Please contact me if you wish to buy multiple signed copies as presents for friends. If you would like me to sign them to you personally, then please include a comment with your order. If I don’t hear from you I will sign them without any name.

Cultural Emergence and People & Permaculture and 7 Ways To Think Differently also available direct in the USA from Chelsea Green here

Cultural Emergence and People & Permaculture and 7 Ways To Think Differently are available as ebooks from the usual places.

“Cultural Emergence has become my favourite book this year, and a likely life-long friend. It is a source book to come back to again and again, each time revealing practical, useful and inspiring pathways to a more beautiful life, one both personally nourishing and effective in transforming our world. There is a system here that is rich, deep and powerful, with entry points any of us can access and benefit from, while also growing our ability to send ripples of positive influence that extend far in time and space.”

Chris Johnstone, Co-author of Active Hope and Resilience Trainer at CollegeOfWellbeing.com

Find out more about Cultural Emergence

Special offer

Buy all 4 of Looby’s books worth £57 for only £45 (plus postage). Each book is individually signed. (Cultural Emergence, People & Permaculture, 7 Ways to Think Differently and Strands of Infinity)

“This book blossoms with brilliance — an abundant trove of wise blessings and necessary tools for transformation. With clarity, sensitivity, and impressive breadth of knowledge, Looby Macnamara guides us through topics ranging from permaculture to privilege, from leadership to language, from systems thinking to storytelling. This comprehensive synthesis is both practical and visionary; a gift to help you bring forth your gifts; a map to help our culture find its way into the future. I am grateful for this important and timely achievement!

Drew Dellinger, author of Love Letter to the Milky Way
Looby book signing

The second edition of People & Permaculture – designing personal, collective and planetary well-being Available now

Celebrating seven years since People and Permaculture was first published. This new edition has an extended introduction reflecting on the positive impact it has already had and inspiring us to move the tools and get designing. It also now has an index helping readers to navigate the diversity of topics covered. Looby and her publishers are passionate about embedding permaculture thinking within the publishing process as well as the content of the book, and didn’t want to make thousands of existing copies obsolete. Hence you can download the new introduction and index here.

People and Permaculture is a powerful, hands-on guide that will help you to:

  • Enhance your well-being with profoundly effective tools for self-care and regenerative thinking
  • Improve the dynamics and well-being of your relationships, family, groups and communities with simple and creative methods
  • Empower yourself with over 50 practical activities
  • Create spirals of health, real wealth and abundance
  • Forge a wider vision for all of our social systems
  • Explore how to expand our feelings of connection across the globe
  • Learn about permaculture; a potent blend of common sense, magic and design
  • Discover the Design Web, a versatile framework for initiating positive change in any aspect of life
  • Connect with a bigger vision of possibility for yourself and humanity.

Buy People & Permaculture

People & Permaculture is also available in French, Spanish and Dutch

People and permaculture – £17 with £3.70 postage within UK

People and permaculture – £17 with £9.80 postage to Europe

People and permaculture – £17 with £16.50 postage to rest of world

This is the first book to explore how to use permaculture design and principles for people. It widens the definition of permaculture and takes it right into the heart of our own lives, relationships and society. It provides a clear framework and guidance for both experienced permaculturists and people completely new to permaculture, and indeed for anyone who wishes to live a more creative, abundant life

Full of stories, interviews, personal anecdotes and practical exercises with tried and tested, step by step techniques. People & Permaculture is a pioneering guide to creating a regenerative world.

People & Permaculture is a pathway to a new world. It will indeed change your life if you absorb its wisdom and apply its tools and techniques. It will enhance your personal and professional relationships and help you to design better projects. It is a big step forward in permaculture thinking and a valuable addition to any library.

From the foreword by Polly Higgins, Earth lawyer

Looby uses her solid grounding in permaculture to show that its principles and thinking can help us all be effective and hopeful in an age change and challenge.

David Holmgren, co-originator of Permaculture

Looby Macnamara speaks with luminous clarity, lean eloquence and an exquisite knowledge of systems. Her opening chapters on ‘thinking like an ecosystem’ should be required reading in every classroom from third grade to graduate school.  

Joanna Macy, author and originator of the Work That Reconnects

The gift Looby has brought is her profound ability to pull the threads of design spirit out of everyone and make us realise ‘I can’.  She shows all of us, including me, how we can be more effective in redreaming and regenerating our world in a truly beautiful way.

Jon Young, Founder of the 8 Shields Institute

7 Ways to Think Differently

7 Ways to Think Differently explores ways to address personal, social and environmental concerns in simple practical steps in our daily lives, helping us to make incremental, achievable changes.

The thoughts and actions of people past and present have determined the current state of our planet. If we change our thinking, we can change the health of our own lives, and also the future state of our world. 7 Ways to Think Differently explores ways to address personal, social and environmental concerns in simple practical steps in our daily lives, helping us to make incremental, achievable changes. As well as addressing our internal landscapes, Looby explains how individuals and communities can work together to achieve positive change. She also explores the current political and mainstream paradigms and where they are leading us.

Learn about:

• Abundance thinking

• Solutions thinking

• Systems thinking

• Thinking like nature

• Co-operative thinking

• Thinking for the future

• From thought to action

These ways to think differently are influential alternatives to the current mindset and can shift us to a better present, as well as setting us on a trajectory towards a better future. This is for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. Looby offers potent medicine for a world full of challenges. Looby’s second book was published in 2014. It builds upon the lessons of People and Permaculture as well as bringing them together in a simple and accessible format. The 2 books can be read in any order.

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7 ways to think differently – £5 plus £1.40 postage in UK
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7 Ways to Think Differently £5 plus £5.80 postage to rest of the world

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Buy 7 Ways and People & Permaculture together

People and Permaculture and 7 Ways to Think Differently – £23 with £3.70 postage within UK

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People and Permaculture and 7 Ways to Think Differently – £23 (rrp£27) with £16.50 postage to rest of the world

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Strands of Infinity – poetry to reconnect.


This is Looby’s collection of poems. They are based on the themes of the spiral of the Work That Reconnects; Coming from Gratitude, Honouring our Pain, Seeing with New Eyes and Going Forth. Written over a 5 year span they bring an extraordinary depth of connection and insights.

Signed copies available direct from Looby with a 20% discount for £6.00 and £5 each when ordering 5 copies.

See below for some reviews of Strands of Infinity.

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Strands of infinity £6.00 plus £1.40 postage to UK
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Praise for Strands of infinity

I am a huge fan of Looby Macnamara. Her profound insights and skill with the written word always touch me deeply. This extraordinary collection of her poetry takes us on a journey, reminding us of our great love for our Earth and our ability to create connection to the wonders of all life. She touches our deep emotions as she explores our common feelings of outrage, injustice and empathy that these present times bring, and brings us to a place of stillness, timelessness and personal empowerment. It reads like a good book, and is a veritable feast for the soul! 

Glennie Kindred, Author, artist and editor of the Earth Pathways diary

Looby Macnamara’s poems are soul medicine.  Read them and feel the healing effect.

Satish Kumar, editor of Resurgence

Strands of Infinity is journey of words to nourish the soul: secular prayers of sacred eternity; songs of remembering, of loss, gratitude and joy; visionary mouthfuls of encouragement, freedom and possibility that remind us what it is to be fully human.

Lucy H. Pearce, author Burning Woman, Moon Time, The Rainbow Way. Founder Womancraft Publishing.

Looby is a voice to listen to and savour in these times. She invites us to step more deeply into our joy, passion and courage, embracing the adventure of playing our part in the larger life we belong to.

Chris Johnstone, Co-author of Active Hope and Author of Find Your Power.

These are poems to be enjoyed sitting around a fire on a starry night in good company. Read them aloud, share them with friends, and let Looby’s words encourage you to step out, write and share yours too. May there be many circles and many starry nights when we join together and create connections through our words, with each other.

Maddy Harland, editor and co-founder, Permaculture Magazine

Our world so needs words of love and inspiration to breath us gently and fully in tune with the heart beat of the planet. Looby’s poems ignite us, soothe us, stir our hearts and our souls. They call us to express our feelings, connect, imagine, act… They invite us to surrender, discover and be who we’re deeply meant to be, at peace with ourselves and with all that is. Thanks Looby for sharing your love and passion for a better world.

Robin Clayfield; Author, Facilitator and Social Permaculture Pioneer

Looby writes her soulful poetry in a way that is heart opening and invigorating. Exploring the personal and the global in insightful and poetic ways she invites and inspires us to remember our interconnectedness. Not one to hide her own questions and enquiry on the journey, in Strands of Infinity Looby shares her personal vulnerabilities, passions, bliss and wisdoms, showing us through her words a rich path forward to wholeness and possibility.

Jules Heavens, facilitator and founder of the ‘Keepers of the Flame’ mystery school for women, writer, and a ‘poetry as medicine’ carrier.

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