Reflections from day 2 – growth phase

Today has been a rich day of learning and discovery. We have been focusing on the growth phase of the design web, and working on our vision, limits and helps. With  vision we imagine where we would like to be, with helps we uncover resources that will help us to grow in that direction and with limits, we explore what is holding us back or getting in our way.

We started with exploring what coaching skills are so that we are able to support each other during this journey together. We thought of coaching as a way of asking good questions that allows us to find the answers that are inside of us. One participant described how we can create a context of emergence where the answer can come out of our being.

A particular tool a participant shared today was the idea of ‘issue paper’. Where, when we are listening to someone and helping them with their process and it triggers a response inside of us, instead of either suppressing it, or bringing it up and deviating the flow of their work, or allowing it to take our attention away from listening, we can acknowledge it, wrap it in ‘issue paper’ and put it on a shelf for unwrapping and exploring at a later date.

We also talked about feedback and how we can give feedback on what we offer and skills we share. When we receive feedback on positives as well as things we can change, we start to recognise and appreciate the skills and qualities that we have we take for granted. Often when we find things easy and natural we forget they are not necessarily skills that others have. Identifying these are our helps on our journey, can also inspire us to develop them further.

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