Reflections from river of life activity

We started the course this evening with a sharing of our ‘rivers of life’.  Before the course people spent some time preparing a visual representation of their journey through life, showing significant events and turning points.

For my river I found lots of old photos and was reminded of significant people, friends and family who have impacted my life in different ways. I remembered homes I’ve lived in, and places where I have deepened my connection with nature. I also found it interesting to see that there were waves of experiences that reappeared at different points in my life and it became less of a linear pathway for me.

Hearing everyone else’s journeys was captivating. There were ponds, waterfalls and trees of life. It was interesting to note how some of the turning points in people’s lives came from conscious decisions to change. And sometimes circumstances come upon us and it is only in hindsight that we can see them for the gifts they have brought.

This reflective activity links with permaculture design because all these strands in our lives are significant in helping us decide where we want to move forward to; what we want and don’t want. It helps us to recognise patterns and themes – both useful and not. We can see what has supported us in the past and different mechanisms of change.

This group is rich in experience and skills and I’m sure we will have a fascinating week ahead.

(this activity is adapted from Participatory workshops and can be found on page 57 of People and Permaculture)

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