Reflections from the People and Permaculture course

The course ended yesterday with a strengthening closing circle, that helps us to move forward. There was a real sense of the ripples from here moving us forward and continuing for a long time. We gave each other envelopes with messages of appreciation for our time together. We also included and read out a message to ourselves.

One of the themes that emerged during the sharing of participant’s designs was a renewed appreciation of our own skills, experiences, tools, multiple intelligences, self care patterns and qualities. As one participant said it’s not rocket science but we do need reminding at times that we have answers within us.

The other tools that many people found useful in the week are circles of concern and influence, mindmapping, regenerative patterns, turning spirals of erosion into spirals of abundance. The week has been hugely rewarding to see how much of a community feeling we can create in just one week.

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