Reflections on day 2 – gratitude as an attitude

Today we focused on coming from gratitude. Particularly fruitful for me were the discussions on why take time to feel gratitude? I already knew that it feels good when we take time to give thanks, and it is nourishing to receive appreciation, but we took time to explore just how we felt physiologically and emotionally and the wider impacts of gratitude. Through this I am deepening my understanding of the true importance gratitude has in being an activist in strengthening and grounding whatever work we do. I was also struck today by Chris and Joanna’s widening the meaning of activism to include anyone active for purposes bigger than themselves.

This poem is my interpretation of our rich discussions.

Gratitude as an attitude

Touching hearts together

When we speak from the quiet well of truth inside of us

We resonate

Like strings of an instrument

Our souls vibrate as we hear from each other

The beauty, magic and possibility each of us see in the world.

As we express our adoration and gratitude

As we bring voice to what we want to protect,

What we love

A spaciousness opens up in our chest

Where we can breathe in wonder at the vastness of human capacity,

The incredibleness of nature;

The forests and trees,

The seabeds and coastlines

And the nature within our bodies.

We can stand in awe

Feeling the roots of our appreciation

Extending deep into the Earth,

Drawing nourishment from our connection with all life,

And the flowering of our love opening up to the sky.

The energy of the universe flowing through our veins

Once the channels of thanks are opened

Currents of bliss awaken and flow

Stirring the life force in our belly.

Wide eyed we take in the wonder of our bodies,

We smile at the capacity of our inner world,

Our inner landscapes stretching as far

As the detail of the outer landscapes

Takes us further into and further out of the fractal of life.

As we take stock of the multitude of miracles

Evident in the richness of life in this present moment,

We can be released from the fear that there will be none in the future.

We can know there are already blessings brewing in the background,

Miracles on the horizon of tomorrow.

The layers of trivia encapsulating our thoughts

Are cut through and a wider perspective

Allows us to encounter the world in all its glory

We can turn our attention

Switch our attitude in an instant

And be thankful for the ordinary everyday gifts in our lives,

Toothpaste, running water, a park bench.

Our hearts open

And our body armour dissolves

We arrive in the presence of now,

The gift of the present.

When we choose to view with an appreciative gaze

Our mind chatter stills

We are hear and now and we are timeless.

We are uniquely ourselves

And undeniably connected.

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