Small and slow solutions

This is probably the principle that I struggle with most, and therefore probably the one that has most learning for me. I’m the type of person that if decluttering a room would empty every drawer at once and then find a challenge to finish the job. I can see the sense in doing things in stages I just have to remind myself of this at times.

I find there is a dynamic tension between taking things small and slow and building and maintaining enough momentum to keep things going. This principle works well in conjunction with the obtain a yield principle, where short-term benefits can provide enough interest and motivation while waiting for the medium and long-term yields that small and slow solutions provide.

There can be a danger in going so slowly that you have almost stopped altogether. One of the remedies for this is to make daily and weekly tiny micro-movements towards big visions.  My partner and I have a big vision of getting some land and creating an education and demonstration centre. It’s a big vision that some days seems very distant, other days it seems like the seed that we have planted will germinate soon and growth will happen quickly. In this stage we are making small and deliberate moves in its direction, but one day we will need to take a big leap and commit ourselves to a place. I’m looking forward to that day, may it come soon. Meanwhile I’ll carry on with small and slow steps.

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