Regenerative Arm Movement Design

Introduction This design began formally in January 2016. I have had RSI –Repetitive Strain Injury in my right arm on and off since 2011. Inspired by a design by one of my diploma apprentices, Nam Taylor, I decided to give … read more

Observations about the Apply self-regulation and accept feedback principle

After the excesses of Christmas I had been cutting right back on my sugar intake.  This has involved me self-regulating, and being aware of my eating patterns and associations.  I’ve noticed that my craving for sugar is much greater when … read more

Creating new patterns for the new year

Traditional for this time of year is the New Year resolutions,  a time when we set ourselves new goals and try and create new patterns in our lives. Almost as traditional is the breaking of these new resolutions. There is … read more

Reflections from the first day – creating a safe container and group culture

We started today with exploring culture. I liked the analogy from family therapy that one participant shared, of our culture being the water in the goldfish bowl we swim around in. We accept this as the way things are. It … read more