The growth phase of the design web

On the design immersion weeks this summer participants had a day for each of the phases of the design web. We worked through the growth phase (vision, helps and limits), the exploratory phase (patterns, ideas and principles), the productive phase (integration, action and momentum) and the reflective phase (appreciation, reflection and pause). The first phase of growth can also be seen as the child phase, and the symbol is a seed, showing the potentiality.

One of the things that struck me about working this way was how much the energy in the group reflected the energy of the phase. On the growth day we were hopeful, dreaming, imagining, feeling resourceful and at times confronted by our limits.

Before the course in Belgium one of my co-tutors Bert thought it would be nice if there was a poem for each day. Without sharing this with the group, one of the participants spontaneously wrote a poem for each day, which I will share with you this week.

Growing, expanding

Discover the whole

Turning the key

To start playing our role

Visions and dreams

From the depths of our soul

Paving the path

Towards reaching our goal

Limits to chances

Begin and you’ll see

What once was a limit

Will now set you free

Diego Van De Keere

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