Integrate rather than segregate – Saying thank you to the waters of the world

7 Ways coverCould people around the planet say thank you to the waters of the world and send a message of gratitude and love back to the Earth? Let me explain more, but first let me share where the idea came from.

About a year ago, while I was on a facilitator training for the Work That  Reconnects, a friend suggested that my next book could bring together permaculture and the Work That  Reconnects.  She planted a seed in my mind, to think more about how they could come together, what edges they share, what the commonalities and strengths of each. Both permaculture and the Work That  Reconnects are potent ways to change our thinking, that then invites us to change our actions.  The synergy and emergence of putting these together creates opportunities for even greater change.

I was also interested in finding a way of communicating the essence of permaculture in a friendly, accessible and universal way. For me permaculture is a different way of thinking about ourselves and the world. There’s all sorts of ways in which thinking differently can manifest in our actions and lifestyles. Changing our thinking can provide the motivation to help others, realign us with our purpose, start a new livelihood, connect with nature, look after our own well-being and much more. This led me to characterising the different ways of thinking that could help us in these challenging times on a personal and global level. So my new book 7 ways to think differently came into being.

This week we have been working on the cover, trying to find an image that encapsulates the whole story. After much searching, I landed upon the metaphor of water. Sometimes it’s the easiest and most obvious solution that works best.  Water is a perfect metaphor for life, fluidity of thought and transformation. It epitomises the wonder of synergy and emergence. It is something we need to look after for future generations. It is simple and complex, fragile and strong. Through water sound and light changes. Through water everything on earth is connected.

I’ve been deeply inspired by Dr Emoto’s work on the effect of thinking, words and intent on the structure of water crystals. Meanwhile storms have been raging and rivers bursting banks all over the UK flooding villages and towns. I’ve been thinking ‘is nature trying to tell us something?’, and how can we respond. Even mothers, caring for their children from a place of unconditional love and service, like to hear the words ‘thank you’ occasionally.  Perhaps we can send a message of thanks to the waters of the world. Putting all of these ideas together (integrate rather than segregate) I have the idea for many people to gather a jar of water from near where they live. And for one month to say to the water each day “thank you to the waters of the world”. After one month we will release the water back into the world. The one month will start on February 14th 2014, a full moon, valentine’s day, and coincidentally the day of 1 billion rising, where women and men and children around the world stand up and say no to the violence against women that 1 billion women experience around the world. So on this day we will share in this global connection with gratitude to mother Earth.

For more details see facebook page Saying thanks to the waters of the world


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